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0% Finance & Low Interest

0% Finance & Low Cost Interest Deals

In line with one of our company values as “Decent Folk”, we would like to help our existing customers and new prospects in times of economic uncertainty.

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We have a range of low % interest rates and some packages with 0% Finance….

Infrastructure Refresh Low Cost Interest Finance Options

If your current budget is running low, you don’t need to put off modernising your IT infrastructure until your new financial year. We can help you manage your payments through one of our low interest finance options:

A loan to own the product outright, typically payable over 12-36 months.

Lease IT equipment e.g. laptops. At the end of the lease period, you could either return the assets to the finance company or pay a one-off fee to take ownership.

Similar to a car finance deal where you would take a loan for a % of the total value of the equipment. You would then pay this loan back over an agreed period, at the end of which you would make a balloon payment, plus interest, if you want to keep the goods, or you refresh your kit for more up-to-date equipment. A good option for companies who want the latest technology and want to refresh on a regular basis. Works well alongside subscription services such as Office 365 and cloud backup.

Purchase items such as laptops and servers on a subscription basis over an agreed term. Pay monthly/quarterly/annually and, at the end of the period, you can return the equipment and get a replacement or, for a small payment, take ownership.
Through some of our partners we can offer services such as Microsoft Surface-as-a-Service. This gets you a leading device, which is highly portable, has great battery life and is incredibly versatile with digital pen as well as keyboard. Combined with Office 365 and OneNote, this is brilliant for people on the move and with highly active business lives.

All credit offers are subject to approval.

Business Analytics & Data Dashboard 0% Finance Options

Make your data work for you; turn your data into actionable data dashboards helping you see your business metrics more clearly.

Combine the power of our software, skill of our business consultants and the knowledge you have of your business and transform how you work.

Typical starter packages from 5 days of development. Costs less than you think and now with 0% finance options.

Why put off modernising your IT infrastructure or gaining actionable insight into your business?

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