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Cloud Telephony – ISDN Phase Out

It has been announced that from 2020, ISDN networks will no longer be available for purchase, with the end of ISDN and PSTN circuits being pulled altogether in 2025.

ISDN is Coming to the End of the Line…..What Should Your Business Do?

Below are some brief details of what is happening, why it is happening and what your business should do.

Why is This Happening?

Technology is evolving massively, becoming smarter, faster and more reliable.

Maintaining legacy networks, along with newer technology, will be a drain on the resources of the telecoms providers, so combining all services to one network, as opposed to multiple, is much more cost effective.

What’s the Replacement?

Enter Cloud Telephony; this revolutionary service allows businesses to streamline their communication costs and resources.

The ultimate benefit removes the need for physical phone lines, reducing costs and restrictions around call capacity and location.

With no phone lines, this provides greater flexibility with regards to where employees work, having your office line linked to your laptop, tablet or mobile.

Next Steps?

2025 may seem a long way away, but it will soon be fast approaching. With the right technology, you can future proof your business.

At Brighter Connections, we offer solutions which can be tailored to meet our clients’ specific needs.  In partnership with NFON, we can arrange further information, demos and advice to help you plan for this change.

Cloud telephony is suitable for any size of business (scales from 2-249,000 users) in any sector. Don’t miss out, find out what it’s all about.

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