Collaborative IT Partnerships

The Extra Pair of Hands You Need, When You Need Them Most.....

With the continuing uncertainty around Brexit, many companies are tightening their belts and are expecting their IT teams to do more with less, at a time when needs, expectations and complexity are rising.

Paying recruitment fees for new IT staff can also be a massive drain on resources.

This is where Wicresoft can help….

Although we provide IT support for many businesses who do not have their own in-house IT department, we are now being asked more and more frequently to engage and collaborate with companies who already have an in-house service desk and administration team. Why is this?

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Value for Money

We offer value for money and can help businesses reduce costs – by giving them access to a wealth of IT skills and knowledge through our extensive team of experienced Consultants, Engineers, Software Developers, Service Desk Analysts and Industry Partners - all at a price that offers greater value than simply adding additional in-house resources and paying recruitment fees.

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Extra Skills, Knowledge & Experience

We can provide extra skills, knowledge and experience that companies might not always have in-house e.g. around specialist areas such as data security and GDPR, Microsoft services, cloud telephony and data analytics.

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Additional Capacity & Greater Flexibility

We can provide additional capacity and greater flexibility to organisations which might be temporarily short-staffed or have spikes in their workload. We offer Retained IT Manager/Director services over a defined period to help them through phases of increased workloads or specialist projects.

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Regular Client Reviews

We offer regular client reviews with a dedicated Service Account Manager to make sure we are on track; we listen to your plans and make recommendations which will help deliver your future IT strategy.

We offer tailored service agreements with clear demarcation on responsibilities, tasks and SLAs.

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