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Are you looking to maximise efficiency, staff productivity and improve specific or multiple customer-facing activities with a wider team involvement and reap the benefits of greater collaboration and shared knowledge?

If so, then utilising Brighter Connections Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software would be a cost-effective and essential next step.

Brighter CRM has a 34-year pedigree and is available as a cloud or on-premise service. Compared with other CRM solutions from major companies, Brighter CRM is approximately 50% less expensive and, based on client feedback, twice as easy to use.

Key Reasons to Choose Brighter CRM:

Built in Britain; Hosted in Britain; Supported in Britain

Brighter CRM is developed, hosted and supported in Britain so you can talk to our developers and support staff easily if needed; they work with us, not somewhere else in a different time zone.


Brighter Cloud CRM is half the price of some of the leading CRM solutions. If you purchase other PAYG services we can reward loyalty with more attractive offers.

Easy to Use

Brighter CRM has a clean, clear, easy-to-use, uncluttered and intuitive user interface. Functionality and key information are not buried beneath layers, multiple clicks and different screens.


Our CRM can be customised to suit your business requirements. We offer cost-effective development rates and, unlike many of our competitors who bill by the day, we can bill by the hour.


We can integrate reporting and connect to your existing business apps like Sage, QuickBooks, SAP, Oracle, SQL and many others to help boost your productivity and profitability.


Our advanced reporting suite is the best in the business. Based on world-class analytics and reporting capability, our data dashboards help reduce the time needed to take advantage of all the data you are storing in CRM.

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