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Cyber Resilience for Email

Email is at the Intersection of a Massive Amount of Risk

It is the number one application that organisations depend on for communications, but unfortunately it is also the number one attack vector used by cyber criminals.

  • Have you found that, despite significant investments in your security defences, attackers and fraudsters continue to infiltrate your organisation through targeted techniques?
  • Has your organisation suffered email downtime because of these attacks?
  • How quickly have you been able to recover your email and data after an attack?

If you have already been affected by these issues, or improved security is currently high on your agenda, then Brighter Connections are here to help.

In partnership with Mimecast, we can offer a comprehensive Cyber Resilience for Email solution that is easy to manage, lowers costs and prevents attacks before they happen, minimises disruptions during an attack and enables you to quickly recover email and data after an attack.

Key Features of the Mimecast Cyber Resilience for Email Solution

100% cloud-based, integrated cyber resilience for email solution

Protects against advanced email-borne threats, including phishing, malicious URLs, malware and impersonation attacks

Eliminates email downtime in the event of outage of the primary email system

1 year of email data recovery

Automated recovery of emails and associated data resulting from accidental or malicious deletion or corruption

Simple per-user subscription model, which eases licensing and brings cost certainty

You can find out more by downloading our solution brief or by registering for our forthcoming webinar below:

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