IT Security Awareness E-Learning

Get Your Team Cyber Savvy with IT Security Awareness E-Learning Courses

Right now, many employees are working remotely, with reduced workloads….

This could therefore be an ideal time to consider enhancing the skills of your key workers and ensure they have a greater understanding of the now, most critical area of cyber-security.

Wicresoft can help you ensure your staff can access easy-to-use material helping them:

  • Spot email scams, reducing wasted time and energy
  • Alert you to phishing emails to save you money and reduce your risk to disruption

We have two simple courses on offer, both designed to be self-paced and self-managed for a modest fee per user.

Cyber Security for Remote Workers E-Learning Course

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  • Enable your employees to stay cyber safe when working from home.

  • Understand what simple security measures should be put in place to reduce the chance of employees falling victim to a cyber-attack or phishing scam.

  • Ensure employees know what to do if they download a malicious attachment or click a suspicious link.

  • Reinforce awareness with monthly security updates, which include the latest phishing and ransomware scams.

  • Test learner knowledge and retention to prove compliance for auditing or investigation purposes.

  • Fast deployment with instant access to the e-learning programme.

Phishing Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

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  • With 90% of malware delivered by phishing campaigns, training your staff how to spot and avoid a camouflaged attack is vital to your cyber health.

  • Teach staff how phishing attacks work, the tactics employed by cyber criminals and what to do when they’re targeted.

  • Highlight the damage that a successful attack or breach will have across the business.

  • Shock complacent staff and demonstrate just how important they are in the security chain.

  • Embed a culture of security awareness throughout your organisation.

  • Reinforce awareness with quarterly security updates, which include the latest examples of phishing scams and tactics and what to look out for.

Other Courses Include:

  • Information Security & Cyber Security Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

  • Information Security & ISO 27001 Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

  • GDPR & Data Protection 2018 Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

  • GDPR: Email Misuse Staff Awareness E-Learning Course

  • Complete Staff Awareness E-Learning Suite

For further information on any of these courses, including pricing, please contact a member of our sales team on 03707 551515 or 01244 288281.

Alternatively, please submit your details at the “Request Info” link below and a member of our team will get in touch shortly.

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