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Enhance Office 365 with Cryoserver

How You Can Create an Even More Powerful Email Tool

More and more businesses are relying on Microsoft Office 365 to get things done and are benefiting from increased productivity, reduced costs and having access to data wherever they are.

Office 365 provides enough of the basic essentials that your business requires to run, but what if enough isn’t sufficient or efficient to serve all your email data requirements?

This is Where Cryoserver Comes in…

Office 365 offers huge benefits in terms of storage and accessibility, but the Office 365 native search interface leaves room for improvement. Cryoserver is an expertly simple email archiving solution which stores an identical copy of every email ever sent or received by your users, and also provides a powerful search interface that turns your data into a useful and active repository for your everyday business functions. Whether you are already an Office 365 user, or planning your migration, Cryoserver is the perfect complement to optimise your current operations or migration plans.

How You Can Enhance Office 365 with Cryoserver:

  • Compliance – You can manually edit any email and save them as ‘original’ in Office 365. To remove the risk of end-user modifications, whether accidental or malicious, Cryoserver’s tamper-evident journal archive will guarantee that your archive is complete and 100% unaltered.
  • Boost User Productivity – Seamlessly integrated into Outlook, Cryoserver allows your users to ‘self-serve’ so they are empowered to find, retrieve and restore any accidentally deleted emails without always having to wait or rely on an IT administrator to assist.
  • Additional Peace of Mind – With the on-premise Cryoserver option, you will have a copy of all your emails on-site, as well as in the Microsoft Cloud, for extra peace of mind, should your organisation need it.

Ask the Expert

Download a recording of our “Ask the Expert” session with Cryoserver to discover how to enhance Office 365 to create an even more powerful email solution.

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