Microsoft Workshops

Microsoft Workshops: Modern Workplace | Modern Workforce

Over the last 4 months, the number of people approaching us with regards to how they might be able to collaborate better and be more productive in the context of the modern workplace | modern workforce has risen dramatically.

In response to this customer feedback and market demands, we will be hosting 3 x 30 minute online Microsoft Workshops, in May and June, designed to give you a high-level overview into the following key areas:

  • How your team can become more collaborative and more productive, however and wherever they are working.
  • How your organisation can become more secure in the context of a hybrid workforce and increase in cyber-attacks.
  • How your organisation can reduce complexity by consolidating business applications.

Workshop Overview

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Microsoft 365: Collaborative Workplace | Collaborative Workforce

30 Minutes | Thursday 27th May 2021 @ 2pm BST

This workshop is about improving performance and creating a competitive edge for a modern, hybrid workforce working across multiple locations.

Evidence suggests that a collaborative workforce, aligned to a common set of business applications, is 30% more productive than in organisations who don’t have a connected team.

Our initial 30-minute workshop will focus on how to go about achieving this 30% improvement.

The main focus will be Microsoft OneDrive & Microsoft Teams including Teams Telephony & Teams Recording.

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Microsoft 365: Secure Modern Workplace | Secure Modern Workforce

30 Minutes | Thursday 10th June 2021 @ 2pm BST

Today’s hybrid workforce uses a multitude of personal and mobile devices and this can bring increased vulnerability and risk of data breaches.

This, combined with proven increases in the frequency and nature of cyber-attacks in the past 12-months, has created the perfect storm and opportunity for cyber criminals.

To help ensure your Microsoft environment is as secure as it can be, we will share insights to help you understand the range of security features available in Microsoft 365. These insights will focus on the areas of:

  • Secure remote access and protection of identity.
  • Securing and managing devices.
  • Analysis of reports and proactive prevention and protection against cyber-threats and data loss.
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Microsoft 365: Consolidate Your Apps | Reduce Complexity

30 Minutes | Thursday 17th June 2021 @ 2pm BST

In the hybrid workplace, it is not unusual to find a proliferation of applications and subscription-based services, with significant overlap, being used by different individuals and different organisational functions. This can make collaboration and compatibility more challenging, more complex and more costly than it needs to be.

By consolidating applications into Microsoft 365, and by educating your workforce on a cross-organisational application, you reap the benefits of improved collaboration, increased productivity, more consistent security through common data governance and simplified education and training.

The first part of this 30-minute workshop will cover areas where consolidation can be achieved through Microsoft 365. The second part will navigate the benefits of the different Microsoft 365 licences.