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NFON Cloud Telephony Demo Cafes

Your Office Can Be Wherever You Are.....

Cloud Telephony Demo Cafes

  • Next session - Friday 18th October 2019 at 2pm
  • At Brighter Connections Managed Services Ltd, Deeside Industrial Park, CH5 2LE
  • High-level informal overview session and Q&A - 30 minutes
  • Hands-on live demonstration
  • No PowerPoint!
  • Join us for a coffee or beer
  • Book your place below
  • The world of telephony is changing and, with the ISDN switch off just around the corner and businesses under ever increasing pressure to reduce costs, be more productive and more accessible, now is the perfect time to find out more about the benefits a cloud telephony solution can bring to your business. Please register at one of our sessions by selecting a date below:

Why Attend?

You will discover how you can:

  • Potentially reduce your telephony expenses
  • Match expenses to your changing business needs
  • No longer be tied into a long-term telephony contract
  • Get an office up and running quickly and easily in terms of telephony
  • Do business from anywhere, using a combination of popular devices, creating a truly global office
  • Always be available on one number
  • Reduce the risk of business interruptions and make your business more available
  • Make your business more agile and scalable and enhance staff flexibility options
  • Simplify your telephony management
  • Get ahead of the curve and future proof your business before the ISDN switch off