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Cloud Telephony: 2 Months Free

Improve Business Continuity, Facilitate Remote Working AND Save Money

In these unprecedented and constantly evolving times, we are aware that there is a lot of uncertainty out there and we are currently working to do all we can to help our customers keep their businesses running smoothly and help relieve the financial burden in these challenging times.

Many companies are now facing the challenge of having to move their workforce to home working while still functioning as normally as possible and without incurring unnecessary additional costs.

One area which can assist with business continuity is a cloud telephony solution; Wicresoft are ready to assist you in switching your business to an NFON cloud telephony solution AND help you save money by offering you all extensions for 2 months, free of charge* on any new contracts signed.

Take Action & Switch Now!

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*For the first 2 months after signing the contract, there will be no per user subscription costs, cost will be levied for your initial set up fee, any call costs, fixed minute bundles, Add-on services (i.e. call recording) and one-time number transfer fees. Take advantage of this offer on or before 31st May 2020.