Why Choose Wicresoft?

Bigger, Better, Brighter with Wicresoft

Brighter Connections is now Wicresoft!

As Wicresoft, we look forward to continuing to help companies locally with the same vision, core values and level of care, service and attention to detail, while now being able to offer you access to a wider and deeper product and service portfolio and even more in-depth knowledge and expertise via our access to the wider Wicresoft global team.

We also look forward to taking our own products and services, which are well-established within the SME and mid-market in the UK, to a wider global audience in the USA, Canada, Australia and beyond.

Wicresoft is a client-focused, progressive, innovation driven business with a passion for technology – we enjoy a shared vision in addition to a shared culture of service, care and great client outcomes and we are delighted to have become part of the Wicresoft family.

So, what are the key benefits to you, our customers and potential customers?

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A Global Company With 7000+ Employees

With colleagues in the USA, Canada, Australia and Japan, we now have a truly global presence and a wider pool of industry expertise, knowledge and experience and expanded resources to draw upon – all of which can be shared with you and add value to your business.

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Microsoft Global Partner of the Year 2019

It was a massive achievement for Wicresoft to be recognised as “Microsoft Partner of the Year 2019” worldwide, demonstrating that we have the knowledge, skills and expertise to take you wherever you want to go on your Microsoft journey.

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An Extended Product & Service Portfolio

The Wicresoft solutions portfolio focuses on three core areas – Advisory, Solutions & Operations (ASO). As Wicresoft, our already expansive portfolio of IT infrastructure solutions, cloud services, IT services and support aligns closely to ASO, plus our clients now have access to an additional range of products and services. These include Microsoft configured and customised solutions such as Project Online, Power BI, Dynamics 365, Azure DevOps, PowerApps, SharePoint and Office 365. In addition our clients have access to advisory services which include Transformation Delivery & Recovery, Cloud Advisory, Strategic Planning and Resource Management.

You can see an expanded list of products and services here

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An Expansive Range of Customer References

The Wicresoft business is delighted to serve many prestigious global names including leading communications, media and entertainment companies such as Warner Brothers, T-Mobile and NBC Universal, well-known brands in the manufacturing sector like Bose, Subaru and Paccar (DAF Trucks) and global software brands such as Nintendo – we hope you too can trust us to serve you and help drive your business forwards.

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Your End-to-End Productivity Partner

We’d love to help you grow your business as your end-to-end productivity partner.

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